GMSL #1: What Do I Need To Play Better Golf

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Thanks for joining me for the very first episode of the Golf More Swing Less Podcast. I’m thankful to have you and appreciate you choosing the GMSL nation over all your other listening options.

As for me, I am a golf instructor, college golf coach, writer, blogger, golf swing mad scientist and golf aficionado. In episode #2, I will tell you a little more about myself and my family.

My objective in the podcast is to provide awesome and inspiring golf content including great tips, awesome interviews, with the purpose and goal of helping you play better. I want to be your resource for getting better at golf and earn your trust. I hope the content I provide is empowering, inspiring and helpful.

This topic of episode #1 – What Do I Need To Play Better Golf can be a bit subjective as are most of the subjects we discuss here at Golf More Swing Less.

There is however, one thing I need to preface first. The word SUCCESS in and of itself is subjective and means something vastly different from one golfer to the next. For example, those who are new to the game or play infrequently may see success on the course and curing a slice or breaking 100. Others may see it as breaking 80 or shooting 1-under par.

First, we are going to talk about what you DON’T need to be successful on the golf course.


  1. You don’t need to spend $1,000 on equipment
  2. You don’t even need new equipment (if new, anything 5-10 years old will suffice)
  3. Don’t need to buy brand name clubs or accessories
  4. You don’t need a Nike or Ogio new golf bag
  5. Don’t need $200 Footjoy tour golf shoes
  6. You don’t need to be the best athlete in the world
  7. Don’t need to hit the ball exceptionally far
  8. Need to know all the rules of the game (although you should know the basics)
  9. Don’t need to beat your friends or anyone you’re playing with
  10. Don’t need to be physically fit (although it doesn’t hurt)
  11. Don’t need to be young – This is one of the few life sports and one that has few pre-requisites


  1. Have an understanding of the game (know the objective of golf and how to score)
  2. Basic understanding of the rules of golf (Check out this great pocket-book on the rules of golf, it’s a quick read)
  3. Clubs (obviously) At least something modern and in good working order
  4. Lessons – This can be argued to a degree but i am obvious an advocate of lessons
  5. Great attitude – Not just a good attitude, great attitude
  6. Self-control – Golf can beat you up mentally and you’ll need control your emotions and your thoughts. To play better you need to be king of you mental domain
  7. Patience – You almost can’t have one without the other
  8. Understand golf is a journey; it’s a marathon not a sprint
  9. Great golf isn’t always easy or quick to achieve


  1. Club fitting
    • That includes the best set makeup for your swing and your game
    • Driver fitting – Fitting should encompass: head type, loft, CG position, shaft type, shaft length, kick point, shaft weight and grip
    • Wood/Hybrid fitting – to carry fairway metal or not to carry fairway metal
    • Iron fitting – What is the longest iron you should be carrying?
      • Blade or cavity back, Players design or game improvement design?Putter fitting – this goes overlook all too often
  1. Launch monitor analysis – great learning tool to better understand your swing
  2. Ball fitting – Should include hitting your favorite ball and at least 4 other balls you occasionally play
  3. Lessons (with video)
  4. Find a swing coach that matches your style and buy a package of 4-10 and cover all bases including your strengths and weaknesses
  5. To play more competitive golf
  6. Read a book on golf psychology (Check out my two favorites below through my Amazon affiliate link)
  7. More practice and play
  8. Develop a pre-swing routine
  9. Have a sophisticated yet diverse and regimented practice routine
  10. Be a student of the game – this falls closer to the bottom

Again, this is just the beginning of the conversation. Sure, there may be a handful of bullet points we could add to the list. In fact, if you have one, leave a comment below or tweet me at @golfmoreblog and let me know your thoughts. I can’t wait to hear from you.

That wraps up today’s episode. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for listening and or reading.

I’m so excited to see and hear this show grow. Golf More Swing Less cant be successful without you so please interact with the show and the site. I want to hear from you. If you have a show topic you’d like me to cover, just shoot me an email, tweet me or Facebook me.

I’d be so appreciative if you could do me a favor and share this post and or podcast with your friends. Spread the word my friends and please come back.


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I enjoy writing about what I believe is missing from major golf publications as well as common misconceptions in the game of golf.
Although is passion is golf and my profession is teaching the game of golf, I have been tinkering with golf equipment for over twenty years.

My knowledge and experience in golf is diverse, and ranges from teaching, coaching, club fitting, equipment design and golf club repair.

I truly believe anyone can find success in golf and I want to help you get there.

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