True Linkswear Golf Shoes – Product Review

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When it comes to golf, it’s good to be a shoe snob. Whether you’re going to pay $50.00 or $200.00, you want a shoe that is comfortable and durable. It doesn’t hurt if those shoes are both stylish and waterproof. On the long list of wants, great traction is an added bonus. A new shoe company, TRUE linkswear, has entered a crowded market with claims of having everything a golfer wants in footwear. According to the company, “TRUE linkswear shoes are the closest that you can get to playing in your bare feet, while also getting the benefit of traction and waterproofing.” After playing in their shoes for just more than two months, I can attest that statement is accurate. By now you have seen nearly every shoe company bring to the market a golf shoe that claims to be a street shoe. Ideally this street shoe should be no different from other golf shoes. With or without spikes they should offer above average performance on the course with a stylish look and be casual enough to wear into a store or restaurant after a round of golf. Believe it or not, TRUE linkswear has perfected the shoe that can be high performance on the golf course with the comfort you would expect of a causal walking shoe. Initially you might not be interested in a spikeless shoe. What if this spikeless shoe offered the same amount of support and traction as a golf shoe with spikes, along with the comfort of a pair of sneakers? Well, TRUE linkswear did it and it’s worth making a trip to your local golf superstore to try a pair.

Expectations and Results-
Retailing at $150.00, I expected to get a pair of shoes that hug my feet, help me hit the ball 20 yards farther off the tee and hit more fairways. Although these shoes didn’t lower my scores, I can say that I hit the farthest drive of my life in these shoes. There is no doubt these are by far the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. In comparison to other well-known high-end shoes, the TRUE linkswear TRUE tour shoes are not only more comfortable, but offer just as much traction and sole durability as a shoe with adjustable spikes.

Comfort – 10 (The most comfortable shoes I have ever owned)
Style – 9 (Just as stylish and trendy as any other shoe on the market)
Performance – 9 (Unless it improves my swing, it’s not getting a 10)
Durability – 9 (Durability is comparable to other high-end golf shoes)
Value – 8 (If not for the street price of $150.00 this shoe would get a 9 in this category)
Overall = 45 of 50 and highly recommended for your next golf shoe purchase
Product Test:
TRUE linkswear TRUE tour shoes

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