GMSL 14: Tips For Beating The Putting Yips With Marius Filmalter

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If you’ve landed on this post and this podcast episode, chances are you need a little help with your putting. When it comes to putting deficiencies, the yips are all too common what cause those dreaded 3 jacks. And those 3-putts, even just one a round can cause us to lose some serious confidence in your stroke. If you’ve had your struggles or are currently trying to get your mechanics dialed in, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Inventor of the TOMI

The Putting Guru Marius Filmalter.

In this podcast, putting guru Marius Filmalter joins the show to talk about the putting yips and drops some audible gold on how to can stop yipping and start to confidently drain more putts.

What You’ll Learn?

  • What is a yip?
  • Types of yips
  • What causes the yips?
  • Tips to cure the putting yips
  • Tips about putting mechanics
  • Difference between an arc and square to square stroke type
  • The difference between a fine motor skill movement and a ballistic movement
  • How to putt with more confidence

About Marius Filmalter and Marius Golf

Marius is a professional golf instructor and research scientist who has spent over two decades researching and identifying the fine motor skill movements used in the putting motion. He has measured and analyzed more than 65,000 professional and amateur putting strokes using state-of-the-art and industry standard technology that he co-invented. His putting performance database provides the foundation for his mathematical assessment and breakthrough discovery of the Ten Characteristics Shared by All Great Putters.

  • Awarded Golf Magazine’s Innovator of the Year for 2009
  • Co-Inventor of SAM Puttlab and TOMI: first ever devices that accurately measure the putting stroke
  • Invented Supertee: a device that negates the effect of the anticipation of impact with the ball
  • Creator of “Automatic Putting” DVD featuring Brad Faxon
  • Monthly columnist for Golf Magazine and
  • Sponsored by Bobby Jones

Show Notes:

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