The UV Buff – 95% UV protection – Product Review

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Since Martin Kaymer sported a UV Buff® during the Accenture Match Play Championships last year … the Buff® golf machine has been on a roll.   With 15 styles of full and half length designs, the UV Buff is perfect for protecting against searing hot sunlight, blocking 95% of harmful UV rays, wicking away perspiration, and wiping off an occasional wedge.

In the most basic of explanations, Buff® headwear is a seamless tube of fabric that can be worn in a variety of ways. Think ‘multitasking bandana’. If you watch the hit show Survivor™ on CBS®, you know who we are. Buff® performance headwear is all about versatility and simplicity—one garment serves many functions. Designed to offer technical performance and protection from the elements during a wide range of outdoor activities and sports, Buff® models are available in hundreds of designs and styles.

How can you wear a Buff®? However you want, but there are over a dozen common ways, and it depends on what type of Buff® you buy.

Fit – 8 of 10

The Buff is (one size fits all) not adjustable so it’s not going to be a product that works for everyone. However, the buff is resilient and will stretch. Surprisingly when testing the buff, most of our 10 golfers who wore it all eight ways responded with great feedback in terms of the fit. The buff would easily rank higher if it were available in different sizes.

It should be noted that the Buff comes in two variations. A regular UV buff which is longer from top to bottom and more versatile. The second of the two is a half buff which works more like a headband, hairband. Although, according to the manufacturer both can be worn in 8 different ways.

Fashion/Style – 8 of 10

I first saw a buff live in action about two years ago shortly after Martin Kaymer won the PGA Championship. I began to wonder if it was a European fashion statement, or a product to keep you cool. After testing the product in 90* degree weather, it is clear that the buff will keep you cool and if you have the courage to wear one it can be a fashion statement. Although it might not be for everyone from a fashion perspective. If the buff were available in solid colors or more subtle patterns it would easily receive a 10 here.

Quality – 9 of 10

The quality of the full and half buff are both top-notch. The fabric is more of a soft, sheer Cool Max, microfiber fabric which features an active odor control polygiene. From a durability and quality perspective, Buff products are second to none.

It should also be noted that after three cycles in the wash, the Buff products did not pill, fade, fray or shrink.

Innovation – 9 of 10

Although the concept isn’t new, the Buff is the only manufacturer selling such a product specifically to the golf industry. For that they deserve innovation points.

What Buff has done is taken a simple concept and made into an intelligent and technologically advanced item for which there is a need. The Buff incorporates a comfortable microfiber material which is unobtrusive. Additionally an active odor control chemical is applied to the fabric to help keep you smelling fresh and best of all, the product blocks 95% of UV radiation.

It works great if you play year round or like us northerners who play 6 months out of the year, you can wear it while you shovel snow.

Value – 8 of 10

The MSRP on the full Buff is $23 while the half Buff comes in at $13. From a cost perspective, you cannot put a dollar amount on protecting yourself from skin cancer and preventing heat exhaustion.

If you do the math, you’re going to spend at least $13 on sunscreen a year for golf so why not buy a product like the Buff that you don’t have to replace every couple months like that annoying sun screen that just makes your hands greasy.

For the investment its worth trying especially for the fair completed, those trying to protect themselves from the sun and the others who just want to stay cool.

Overall = 43 of 50

Overall, the Buff is a neat product. There is certainly a need to protect yourself from skin cancer so there is certainly a need for the Buff and probably more so than most would think. What I like most about the Buff is its versatility and the fact that it’s light weight and unobtrusive so you can take it anywhere.

I am keeping both my Buffs and recommend you try one.


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