Switch Belts – Interchangeable belt and belt buckles – Product Review

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Each year, fashion becomes a bigger part of golf. Golf fashion isn’t as much about the brand as it is about color and flair. Today, it goes beyond gaudy colored golf shirts and pants. Now clothing and accessory companies are making golf bags, golf shoes, golf tess, gloves and belts with stylish flair.

Male or Female you want to look the part of a golfer especially if you cant play the part. That means color coordinating your golf shirt and pants with your shoes and maybe even your hat.

In recent years, the white belt has been all the trend with golfers of all ages. You might also see a few PGA Tour Players like Camillo Villegas, Rickie Folwer and just about every other tour player is sporting large, gaudy belt buckles.

Love it or hate it the white belt and oversize belt buckles are the big trend and and likely here to stay for awhile. However, if your like me and don’t like to follow the latest trends, there is a belt that allows you to color coordinate your belt and belt buckle to your outfit. That my friends is the Switch belt.

From the Manufacturer

Originally when bringing Switch in from China in 2011, we thought this would be a great product for youth. Their styles are always changing, the colors of the season’s fashion shifting, but belts are always there. We weren’t wrong. But beyond youth, it is the perfect accessory for both sexes of all ages, and the colorful style expressions today.

As golfers ourselves, we also quickly realized that the world of golf was desperate, yes desperate  for Switch. Golfers have a style of their own which often involves bright, vibrant colors that would otherwise never make it out of the closet. Golfers match their shirt, shoes, and hat, with Switch they can pull it all together at the waist.

From golf, it was a natural progression into many other outdoor sports where fear is replaced by boldness, and individuality is a signature move. Skateboarding, biking, snowboarding and other outdoor activities have become a home away from home for Switch.

Product Features

  • Switch Belts are one size fits MOST. Each belt comes uncut 1.25 inches wide and will fit up to a 44″ waist.
  • Switch is bio-degradable. It is made of a thermoplastic resin, which is eco-friendly.
  • Tired of belts that wear out before they wear out their usefulness?
  • Unlike other belts, with Switch you can clear your belt in the dishwasher.
  • Switch was designed with the active trendsetters in mind. If you are active, you sweat, switch doesn’t care.
  • Switch is metal free. Proceed through the metal detectors without a care as your Switch will not sound any alarms.
Quality = 9 of 10 – Made from bio-degradable plastic, these things are durable.
Innovation = 8 of 10 – Interchangeable belts have been made before but these are durable, fashionable and eco-friendly.
Style = 10 of 10 – Seeing as how you can match your belt to your shirt and your buckle to your shoes, it gets an easy 10 here.
Usability = 9 of 10 – Trimming the belt and swapping buckles is super easy.
Value = 9 of 10 – Most people are going to buy two belts and possibly more buckles, at $29.99 it could get expensive.
Pros –
  • Color combinations are endless.
  • Dishwasher and Airport friendly.
  • Appeal to large demographic.
Cons – 
  • Need to buy 2-3 belts and 2-3 buckles to have good amount of options.
  • Needing to buy multiple belts and buckles gets expensive.
  • Not too often we cant find more pitfalls for a product or accessory.
Final Thoughts – 
The concept is simple and fun and if you are someone who prides them self on looking good, your always going to have a belt to match your outfit on and off the golf course.
I love Switch belts and plan on buying at least one more belt and two more buckles for myself and maybe even as a gift for some of my golf buddies.
Since most everyone needs a belt, my thought is that in the next couple years, Switch belts will dominate the market. I think you’ll see Switch belts all over the waists of golfers and non-golfers.
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