Swingbyte – Golf swing analyzer and smartphone app – Product Review

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In an earlier post we featured and highlighted the Swingbyte golf swing analyzer and smartphone application. The Swingbyte is one of only a couple devices and apps that offer real time swing data via bluetooth to your smartphone and or tablet device. Very few of these devices available to the consumer market are affordable, convenient, or as comprehensive as the Swingbyte.

To test the accuracy of the Swingbyte we hit shots simultaneously using the P3 Pro Golf Simulator which has proven to be spot on accurate when testing against a Zelocity launch monitor. Results were as followed (Swing path = 2.4% differentiation) (Face angle = 3.9% differentiation) (Swing speed = 9.8% differentiation). To be objective, the Swingbyte is an analyzer that attaches to the shaft and transmits data via bluetooth whereas the P3 Pro Swing is a stationary launch pad that analyzer swing data at takeaway and impact only and measures via infrared lights. (Differentiation = difference in % that results varied from Swingbyte analyzer to P3 Pro Swing Simulator)


  • Excellent customer service and communication
  • Affordable ($149.00)
  • Convenience (setup and works in minutes)
  • Can be used with every club in the bag
  • Easy to use for RH and LH golfers
  • Easy to use for consumers, club fitters and golf professionals


  • Slightly inaccurate with club head speed
  • Lacks other comprehensive date (ie: distance, launch angle, spin rate)
  • Not adjustable or customizable to your game, swing, age, etc.
  • Swingbyte has a tendency to shift after one or two swings and needs constant adjustment
  • If not properly set in the 3 o’clock position, will not provide accurate data
  • Some data may be a little too complex for new and high handicap golfers

Final Thoughts:

Although there are some slight inaccuracies, your getting a great product for the price ($149.00). If your a golf junkie who is constantly working on your swing and trying to elevate your game, this is better than trying to analyze your golf swing with video. The Swingbyte tells you everything you want to know from watching video and provides data as to how consistently far off you are. Even better, you can track your results over the course of a season to see what type of improvements you are making.

Overall, the Swingbyte may receive the GMSL award for the coolest product of 2012. I plan on using for club fitting, teaching and future product reviews.


Technology – 9 of 10 = I think there is a little more they could have done with swing data

Durability – 8 of 10 = Although mine broke, they sent me a replacement in 48hrs and no additional cost

Accuracy – 7 of 10 = Dont let this fool you, only the swing speed was a bit inflated, otherwise accurate

Usability – 9 of 10 = Very simple, no need to be tech savvy to figure this out.

Value – 9 of 10 = There is no other swing analyzer on the market that measures your swing plane for less

Overall = 42 of 50 

Buy Swingbyte Here

Swingbyte website


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