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I’m Chris Burns, creator and owner of Golf More Swing Less. If you’re new to the game of golf, play in frequently, golf professional, or anywhere in between, I built this this website is for you! This particular page contains the vital information to HELP you START building a recipe for a better brand of golf and I am the coach to help you get there. In fact, I know I can and I’m confident you can too.

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Definition of Golf More Swing Less

noun – To golf more frequently or more often while swinging less and scoring lower. One who golfs more and swings less, enjoys playing and practicing no matter what the outcome.

Example #1: Someone who golfs more and swings less is one who plays BETTER (improved) golf.

To play a better brand of golf, you must first understand the definition of better golf, what it is and what it isn’t.

Better Golf: The GMSL Definition

Example #1: Playing better golf is to become more knowledgeable, more skillful with the potential of a more favorable outcome.

Example #2: One whose golf scores are trending lower over a long period of time with more practice and play.

At Golf More Swing Less our goal is NOT to teach the perfect golf swing as there in one model golf swing. Jim Furyk, Tiger Woods, Matt Kuchar and Jack Nicklaus are four good contrasting examples and proof that there are several different ways to swing a golf club and be successful. That is why we do not subscribe to the theory of one model golf swing.

Because golf is not a game of perfect, we at Golf More Swing Less are here to educate, entertain, empower.

Our Goals

  1. Help you play a better brand of golf (not perfect, better)
  2. Help you fix only whats broken
  3. Teach you how to play with confidence
  4. Help Understand your strengths and weaknesses
  5. To make the game more enjoyable
  6. To simplify golf and do our best to make it as easy as possible for you
  7. Provide quality content about everything and anything that can help your game
  8. Cater to golfers from all walks of life including women and children
  9. Grow the game of golf (It’s a daunting task but were up for it)
  10. And what ever else I missed (insert here)

What Better Golf Is Not

  • Playing better golf can be as difficult as we make. However, it’s not always easy
  • Playing better golf does not happen overnight or even in a weeks time
  • Playing Better Golf is NOT impossible
  • Better Golf does not have to be expensive
  • Better Golf doesn’t mean you have to take lessons and buy expensive golf clubs

What Golf More Swing Less Is Not

  • Not just another opinionated golf site
  • Not judgmental or stereotypical
  • Not a GOLF NEWS site
  • Does not revolve around the PGA Tour or LPGA Tours
  • Not biased toward large brands or business or any sort

The GMSL Business (Better Golf) Model

Our Model: Provide Quality, Transparent, Educational, Entertaining, and Empowering golf content


  • Bring the golf professionals, golf companies and industry experts to the everyday golfer
  • Inspire and educate golfers to play better without changing their swing (No, that is not a typo)

May the pars be with you!


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