SKLZ Gold Flex – Golf Swing Tempo Trainer – Product Review

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If you have read any of my previous posts, you know I am a big proponent of tempo, grip pressure and alignment.  What most golfers don’t know is that good tempo stems from constant (light) grip pressure and being tension free throughout the body. Additionally, good tempo provides center face contact, greater distance, and a balanced finish. Although it’s a simple concept to grasp, we all struggle with tight grip pressure, big swings, balance and tempo.
Outside of fighting tension with a larger grips, great tempo can be accomplished with the help of the SKLZ Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Trainer.

The SKLZ Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Trainer measures 49″ (just a couple inches longer than an off the rack driver). The long fiberglass shaft is about three times more flexible than most driver shafts. This noodle like shaft forces golfers to take the club back slowly which in return promotes a one piece takeaway. After a couple of practice swings a golfer will notice more of an efficient turn and without having to take a bigger swing.  What I found was a natural tendency to load into my right side and with a solid turn it was easier to explode through the ball and into a powerful yet balanced finish. 
As I mentioned in the video, you cannot accelerate back and accelerate through the ball. The SKLZ Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Trainer a smooth back swing promotes and allows the golfer to get into a loaded position at the top of the swing.  From there, it’s easy to accelerate and create energy with ease. 
Best Use
In terms of the concept, the theory of tempo can and should be adapted to every club in the bad including the putter.
The SKLZ Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Trainer is great for use at home and on the range, before, during and after  practice sessions, you will be able to better capture that feeling of tempo and adapt it into your full swing. Remember that there is no such thing as a quick fix. However, with diligent practice using the Gold flex, this training aid will be effective within a short period of time.
Description – (From Manufacturer)
  • Durable polyurethane head for frequent use
  • Shaft length helps flatten the swing plane
  • 49″ in length, 2.5 lb. head
  • Flexible fiberglass shaft teaches lag and helps eliminate early release/casting
  • Golf grip with guidelines for proper hand placement
  • Head weight improves kinetic sequencing in the swing
  • Strengthens core golf muscles
  • Great low-impact stretch for pre-round warm-up
  • Fits easily in golf bag and is legal to carry on course

Purchase the SKLZ Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Trainer here

Innovation: 7 of 10 – Only because this isn’t the first tempo trainer and because there are similar products, it doesn’t rate higher. 

Quality: 9 of 10 – It’s not indestructible but we did our best to test the quality and found out it to be exceptionally well made. 

Simplicity: 9 of 10 – After a couple practice swings, any golfer can figure out how it works. No instructions necessary is always a bonus.

Effectiveness: 8 of 10 – Not many products rank high in this category. Although this training aid helps, you also need help in other areas.

Value: 9 of 10 – At $69.99 it’s a bit overpriced and not going to fly off the shelves. At $49.99 it would be more of a must have for golfers of all levels.

Total = 42 of 50 

Pros – Simple, durable, provides immediate feedback, works for LH and RH golfers.

Cons – A little long for Juniors, ladies, and shorter golfers. Price point is a bit high. (SKLZ now has a 40″ version available at $59.99)

Overall – 

This training aid is simplistic and simplicity sells. Additionally, it provides immediate feedback and instant results which is not something I can say about many other golf training aids. 

If you whip the club back, need help with tempo and or balance the SKLZ Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Trainer is a product you should consider. If used regularly, before during and after practice sessions (and at home), it will promote a smooth swing. The result will be more fairways hit, better ball striking and lower scores. 

Like the SKLZ products? See our review of the SKLZ Practice Pod Pro.

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