Secret Grip by Boccieri Golf – Golf Grip Review

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Each and every season manufacturers are creating innovative ways to add more distance to your game. The most recent trend is lightweight drivers (lighter heads, shafts and grips). Some of which are upwards to 75 grams lighter than traditional drivers. The overall result is a subtle to moderate increase in swing speed which provides more distance. From a marketing perspective it’s easy to sell more yardage.

With a lighter grip, shaft and head, manufacturers have increased the length of the shaft to achieve ideal swing weight (D-2). As the statistics show, lighter weight clubs generally means a lack of control and or feel.

So if you’re wondering, how do you get more distance without losing control, your options are limited. Personally, I would rather subtract distance to gain control (that’s a story for another day). With control golfers generally possess above average consistency. When you’re hitting the ball like that you’re generally hitting the ball far enough. On the flip side, when your crushing your tee shots, you’re not always hitting the fairway or finding your ball. When shots don’t go straight you cant always maximize your distance. What does that mean? Higher scores. What I am saying is that control equals distance and distance equals better scores.

Here is the concept. Although not new, this technology has been re-invented. The concept is counter weighting or back weighting. Boccieri Golf  known for the Heavy Putter has introduced the Secret Grip. This isnt just a heavier golf grip. It is about an inch and a half longer with a tungsten weight located in the butt cap. The grip weighs in at 92 grams. Almost double the weight of an average rubber golf grip.

I installed a set of Secret Grips on my irons (3-PW) and played 3 months before writing this post. Including myself, 10 golfers tested grips and provided the feedback below.

“For over the top swingers – The Secret grip provides a greater sense of control and at the start of the downswing and emphasizes the slotting of the golf club on the downswing.”

“The extra static weight makes the overall weight of the golf club feel heavier and provides a sense of confidence.”

“The weights makes it easier to when hitting from thicker grass.”

“With the extra weight, the club explodes through the turf with ease.”

“I have a better awareness of the clubhead and more feel with the secret grip.”

“The added weight is easy to adapt to and I like that the grip is longer.”

“The grips are surprisingly tacky and soft.”

Overall, it will be difficult to convince anyone to switch from typical Golf Pride or Lamkin. However, there are some smaller grip companies like Boccieri Golf that make fantastic products and will be successful if they can get this product into the hands of more golfers.

Now Boccieri Golf has expanded their product line to including 9 different grips, 5 different colors including 3 putter grip choices. In the upcoming season, Secret grips will be at least 13 of my clubs. I genuinely like the feel, cushion, durability and performance. Those four factors instill confidence and that is what is going to facilitate better golf for me.

Test Results

Performance – 9 of 10

Innovation – 8 of 10

Quality – 9 of 10

Style/Appearance – 8 of 10

Comfort – 8 of 10


42 of 10 (GMSL Approved)

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