Pro Mental Coach – Golf Product Review

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The game of golf doesn’t require technology range finders, 460cc drivers, smart phones apps, or top of the line golf equipment to be successful. However, golf has become a technologically advanced sport in a variety of areas and there are technologies available that can help you take your game to the next level.

One of these new products is your personal, virtual golf coach. A coach that is available 24/7, that can help you with all aspects of your game and helps develop a practice regimen for your game. The product is called Pro Mental Coach
by Neuro Active.

Pro Mental Coach is the program golfers of all skills have always been looking for in order to play better, enjoy the game better, and manage tough times better:

Runs a full diagnostic of mental game skills with its comprehensive assessment test.
– Rates and compares graphically your mental game skills to golfers of same handicap.
Customizes the right golf mental coaching program that matches your needs
Tracks and evaluates every training session.
Generates maximum benefits in minimum time by adapting the difficulty level for each exergame in real-time.
Selected by the PGA Center for Learning & Performance, this one-of-a-kind mental game coaching program is fun, effective and fast-working.
Powered by a Dynamic Intelligence, it delivers maximum results in minimum time: three 20-minute sessions a week is all it takes.

• A tutorial explaining the mental game and what mindset to adopt on the golf course
• An assessment of how you perceive your own mental game skills
• A measure of your mental game strengths and weaknesses, with independent scores for 7 sub-components of the mental game
• A comparison of how you rate your mental game skills versus how Pro Mental Coach rates them (subjective vs objective assessment)
• A graphic display of your results that compares you to golfers of the same age group and handicap

Installed on your computer, Pro Mental Coach provides 24/7 professional training, at home, when you want it- no appointment necessary.

And don’t forget its unique Pro Login feature, which allows you to share your results with your PGA certified golf instructor. For even better coaching!

Professionals including myself recognize the importance of the mental aspect in golf, very few of us actually work on it. Sure there are books, tutorials and videos. However, there are very few tools as comprehensive as the Pro Mental Coach
that covers anything more than how to conquer your fears on the golf course. For the average golfer this investment is equal to two – three rounds of golf. Either way you do this math, this investment cannot make you worse, it can only make you better. The only downside I see is for the busy golfer or father of four who hardly has time to hit a bucket of balls let alone play 18-holes on the weekend. This product takes about an hour to familiarize yourself with including installation. If you’re serious about improving and plan on using the Pro Mental Coach
to get better you should invest at least an hour a week using this program. If you following the practice regimen and recommendations Pro Mental Coach makes for your game the average golfer should be able to shave at least two strokes from your handicap.

Overall Assement
Value = 8.5 of 10
Accuaracy = 9 of 10
Quality = 10 of 10
Inovation = 10 of 10

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