Golf Drills and Exercises for more turn, more weight shift and more power

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Are you looking to maintain what you worked on all season over the long winter months? If so, we have some drills that are guaranteed to help your game this off season. The good news is that these drills do not require you to hit balls or leave the comfort of your own home. Good drills and exercise should be practiced using your golf posture to achieve proper golf mechanics. If practiced correctly, drills should feel different from your golf swing. What you might notice is a slight stretch in the lower back and or hip area and difficulty staying in posture. To make these drills effective and to develop better muscle memory, use a tall hallway mirror to get the instant feedback you need to see how far off you really are. Practice these drills 3-5 days a week for 5-15 minutes at a crack. If you are diligent and work on these drills all winter, you will see a difference this spring. From there, I would encourage all golfers to practice these drills on the range before and during a practice session. Ultimately its easier to fix a swing fault without hitting balls. So if your diligent and work on these drills, better golf is in your future.

If your the impatient golfer who typically doesn’t practice drills or exercises, consider this.

Better golf is not about more strength or club head speed. Better golf requires the practice drills and exercises to improve our mechanics. Any drills which help create positive muscle memory, increase range of motion and flexibility can be as beneficial as hitting a bucket of range balls. Ultimately, a good golf swing is better than a power or fast golf swing. In the end, an efficient golf swing yields better, more accurate shots which leads to lower scores.

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