GMSL #12: 3 Tips For An Improved Mental Game With The HEAD Coach Greg Liberto

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When you think about playing better golf and taking your game to the next level, where would you start? I would presume your thinking one of three ways that might help you play better. 1) Get fitted and buy new equipment. 2) Take lessons. 3) Play and practice more. 4) Buy some training aids or gadgets. If you’ve played golf for more than a couple years, I’m going to assume that you’ve tried all of those things. If your a veteran to the game of golf, you probably don’t care to count the number of lessons you’ve taken and the amount of money you’ve spent in unwavering desire to play better.

Greg Liberto - The HEAD Coach

What I can tell you is that there is another option to consider on your journey to playing better golf. Unfortunately, this isn’t something your going to see much of on The Golf Channel or in the golf magazines. What I;’m speaking of is the mental game. Unfortunately, the mental game is all too often misunderstood with the amateur golfers. Fortunately, mental game coach and author Greg Liberto joins The Golf More Swing Less podcast to help you understand exactly what the mental swing is and what it isn’t. Tune in and get a free lesson from Greg. He shares his strategy and 3 tips for a stronger mental game.

Greg’s strategy and coaching has worked for thousands of athletes, amateur golfers and even tour players. Take a listen and if you have a question about the mental game, shoot Greg a message his email is located below.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Definition of the mental game
  • 3 Tips for a stronger mental game
  • What a mental game strategy is
  • Why golfers struggle taking their range game to the course
  • The Definition of A.N.T.S.

Show Notes:

Greg’s Website:

Greg’s Blog: Play Your Best Golf Ever

Greg Liberto on YouTube

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