Golf Logix – Smartphone App – Product Review

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So I’m techie. I love to download new apps for my iPhone 4s, especially golf apps. I have tried all the free GPS, score keeping and swing analyzer apps on the market, most of which are worthless. Essentially, when it comes to free apps, the “you pay for what you get” statement is often times true.

I have an IPhone and have never paid for an app until now. The cost oto download Golf Logix is free. However, to unlock all the built in features, there is a $19.99/annual fee. The good news is the free app that will suffice for you cheap Charlie’s. However, if you need some help taking your game to the next level and I’m sure you do, consider the Champion version app for the nominal investment.

So for $19.99 what exactly will you get?

Available Features Below Free Champion
Patented Club Tracking  
GPS Distance to the Front, Center, and Back of the Green  
GPS Distance to All Hazards and Layups  
Flyover Animation of each Hole  
Set the exact Daily Pin Positions  
Touchscreen Layup Distances to any point on the Fairway  
Touchscreen Distances to any point on the Green  
Displays the landing zones of your Clubs  
Digital Yardage Book with Hole Notes and Tips  
Track Rounds Duration and Calories Burned  
No Mobile Ads shown while playing golf  
30 Day Free trial of Golf Digest Live
Free Unlimited Life Time GPS Distances to all Green Centers
Personalize your Club Information with Name, Loft, etc
Download over 30,000 Worldwide Golf Course Maps
Yardage Book Quality Artist Images of Fairways and Greens
Multi-Player Scoring and Scorecard
GolfLogix Handicap Index Tracking
Ability to Store Rounds, Scores and Stats
Membership to the Online GolfLogix Member Clubhouse
Upload Store and Share your Golf Photos and Videos
Post your Rounds, Scores, Stats and Challenges to Facebook
Setup and Join Groups with Separate Leaderboards
Member Discounts on Golf Products and Services
Compete with your Friends anywhere, anytime with Challenges
Scores and stats posted in the GolfLogix Member Leaderboard
Software Updates
Free Live Member Support Team via Toll Free Telephone and Em…

What I like

No ads – Every app I have that is a free download app is packed with advertisements that tend to be annoying. The paid Golf Logix app does not.

Ability to store rounds – The app allows golfers to input stats such as: greens hit, fairways hit, number of putts, chips, pitches, fairway bunkers, greenside bunkers, penalty strokes, and club tracking. What’s really nice is that you have the ability to customize your stats. For example, I chose to track only number of putts, fairways hit, greens hit and score.

Simplicity – I had no prior experience with the Golf Logix app before my on course testing. When we arrived at the course I added our names, selected the course, set of tees played, starting hole and boom we were ready to tee off in less than 2 minutes.

The usability of the app required no learning curve. The app was straightforward, simple and basically idiot proof. If you follow the steps and input the information between holes you won’t even need a scorecard and a pencil.

What other players might like

Free live member support – Golf Logix provides various forms of support including videos for those dinosaurs who are new to smartphones.

Video Tutorials – Built into the app are two videos in addition to some F.A.Q.’s that are very useful for those looking to take advantage of all the Golf Logix features.

Golf Digest Live – Recently Golf Digest Publications signed a partnership with Golf Logix to incorporate instructional videos. So dependent upon your weaknesses, you can access videos related to those faults.


App offers customization to your game.

App offers capability to email your score to you and you’re playing partners.

App has 1,000’s of courses to choose from even, new courses and courses in remote locations.

Yardage is very accurate compared to sky caddie.

App doesn’t lose signal on remote golf courses (tested on 3G Sprint Network)

App offers capability to go back and change stats/score if need be.


App does not offer capability to track stats (other than score) for your playing partner(s).

App could be a little too overwhelming for those less tech savvy.

Could drain battery fast unless your turn screen off when not using the app/phone.

Need at least 75% battery life to use this app and have some battery juice left.

Although not important, golf course graphics on the app are weak.

App doesn’t offer much in terms of analyzing the green other than shape.


Overall – Golf Logix is the best GPS and stat tracking app on the market. Now integrate the Golf Digest partnership and you have a homerun. Outside of the Cons as listed above, I cannot offer up more than a couple minor suggestions for Golf Logix.

For less than the cost of a dozen golf balls, every avid golfer with a smartphone should consider the Golf Logix app for several reasons. Outside on the feedback provided and the ability to have an electronic scorecard, the app provides seasonal feedback that allows you to better understand the highs and lows of your game throughout a season. For my time and money, I would rather have the accuracy, and convenience of the app than a pencil and paper scorecard.

Innovation – 10 of 10

Simplicity – 9 of 10

Accuracy – 10 of 10

Quality – 9 of 10

Value – 10 of 10


TOTAL – 48 of 50 

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