Custom Golf Ball Belt Buckle – Product Review

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Personally, more than half of all golf accessories made had little need in your golf game and offer little in terms of making your game better or more simplistic. All of which we can properly label a tchotchke (Yiddish for junk). However, I pride myself on finding some of the higher quality golf accessories that are unique and beneficial to our game. The golf ball buckle is a great new product from a new Canadian based company.

About the Golf Ball Belts and Buckles –

The belt buckle design is constructed from stainless steel and is an industry first. According to the company, the buckles are selling beyond expectations. In terms of options, there are five fashionable golf ball belt buckles to choose from which you can customize with your golf ball or logo preference.

As for belts, the belt is a good as it get being handmade from think Italian leather. It should be noted that the belt and buckles are sold separately. The belts are available in two color choices, white or black Italian leather.

The Fit –

If you wear belts or have any interchangeable belt buckles, you know that some don’t fit, others fit crooked and some buckles don’t lay flat. As for the Golf Ball Buckle, my first observation was the precise, comfortable fit. The buckle laid flat and square just over the button of my pants and felt unobtrusive. Best of all, the size of the belt and buckle looks to be a good match for a golf shirt and khaki pants.

Product Grade – 

Usability = 10 of 10 – Fits secure and well, not crooked or uncomfortable.

Quality = 10 of 10 – Superior to most I have seen.

Style = 9 of 10 – Only because your not as likely to wear these on an everyday basis.

Innovation = 9 of 10 – No belt is innovative enough to earn a 10 but this is unique.

Value = 9.5 of 10 – For once, you can get quality and value in one item.

Total Score = 47.5 of 10 

From the Company – 

Golf Ball Belt Buckle – an idea that was created by a golf professional looking to enhance and accessorize his golf attire!  Well didn’t he turn a few heads with the first ever Golf Ball Belt Buckle, so much so, that the idea was launched and patented and ready for sale to the publisc.  After teaming up with long time business partner on yet another project both golf professionals are proud to introduce this product to you and hope that you will enjoy your Golf Ball Buckle for years to come.

The 19th Hole (Final Thoughts) – 

The golf ball belt buckle is a novelty item. It can also be said that this is a functional, stylish and quality product. Considering the quality craftsmanship, this Italian leather belt and custom options available, $35.00 is a reasonable price for the buckle (belt, additional $23.00). In comparison, Adidas, Nike, Puma offer a similar products averaging out at $50.00. So if your looking for a unique item with a personalized touch, the golf ball belt buckle is a great item to set yourself apart on and off the links.

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