Fly Tees by Champ Golf – Product Review

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Take a look inside your golf bag. Do you have a pocket with hundreds of wooden golf tees? Are you sick of them breaking? Well, now you have options. Although more expensive there is an alternative made from a more malleable plastic.

The CHAMP Zarma FLYtee is a new performance tee that will increase your distance and accuracy from tee to green. Made with environmentally friendly biodegradable materials; a durable plastic design and a 6 prong head makes it easier to place the ball on the tee and keep it stable. With its added durability and contoured cup, this tee gives top performance to all golfers, from amateurs to professionals. Fly tees are conveniently packaged in a small plastic box in lots of 40. Available 10 different colors and three different sizes in addition to variety pack option.

The primary difference golfers are going to notice when making the switch is not so much in performance as it is in durability. Because of the resiliency of these tees they have a tendency to fly after you hit the ball. They may fly any from three to fifteen feet forward or backward. The only challenge is that you have to find your tee. Personally, I would prefer to look for my tee than have to go through 18 wooden tees throughout a round.

It should also be noted that when testing the 2 ¾” tee they worked great with irons and woods. Unlike wooden tees, they don’t leave marks on the bottom of the club. Fly tees also work great on par-3’s with irons and still don’t break.

My personal experience with Fly tees was impressive. I played through 28 holes before I broke my first Fly tee while managing to tee off with it each and every hole. After playing on several occasions, my friends asked what I was using for a tee. When they noticed I kept reusing the same tee they asked where I got the tees and I had any extra for them to try. At the end of the day I can say there were four Fly tee loyalists in our foursome. Thanks Champ Golf!

Internet cost = $4.99 – $5.89

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