GMSL #8: Interview With Alex Comben Of Orka Golf

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As a golf equipment junkie, I enjoy talking with OEM’s especially the smaller boutique brands. I believe that to be successful as a young company especially in the golf industry, you need to be diverse, unique and creative. Having a product and or service that is different provides an opportunity in the marketing and unique marketing angle. However, the customer service may be the most important and will likely make or break a company now matter how good their products may be.

In this podcast episode I interview Alex Comben of Orka Golf, a golf equipment manufacturer from the UK. They are a rising star in the golf industry and its easy to see why. Orka golf is so much more than a golf company. They are a community, a family and a brand. They are transparent, unassuming and treat their customers like they would treat a friend or family member. Once you buy from Orka Golf, you are apart of the family, your likely a loyal customer and an Orkarite. Just search twitter for #orkarite and you’ll will see why so many of their customers are loyalists. In fact, Orka Golf and their customers have formed a unique community and or family around the brand. Orka Golf even donates a portion of their annual proceeds to charities.

Alex and I talk about the golf industry, the golf consumer, equipment design, club fitting, and all things Orka Golf. I enjoyed my conversation with Alex and think you will too. Take a listen and let me know your thoughts.

Visit Orka Golf online. They some beautiful products for players of all skill sets. They also have fitting locations in the U.S. and throughout Europe.

Orka Golf Driver



Orka Iron

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