Episode 16: Golf Course Management = Breaking 90 – With Jon Sherman from Practial-Golf

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In this episode Jon Sherman from Practical-Golf joins me for an in-depth conversation about course management. We spent over an hour on golf course management and we could have easily spent ten hours discussing this topic. It truly is one of the underrated and underappreciated subjects as it relates to playing better golf. I hope you enjoy this episode.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Golf Course Management
    • Having or Forming a Plan For Your Round – Do you have a plan and if so, how well thought out is it?
    • Evaluating Your Next Shot
  • On Course Strategies
  • Basic Club Selection
  • Playing Aggressively vs. Playing Conservatively
  • How To Build Confidence With Your Physical and Mental Swing

About Practical-Golf:

Practical Golf is a site dedicated to helping everyday golfers improve and enjoy the game more.

It started as a small experiment with 5 articles has grown to over 150, and has become a very popular game-improvement resource for golfers, with thousands of players from around the world.

About Jon Sherman (from the website):
I am a golfer just like you. I love this game, and its been one of the central passions of my life since I was a little boy. Over the last 20+ years I have dedicated myself to learning, and finding ways to improve. Through a lot of failure, observing other golfers, and hard work, I have reached many of my goals as a player.

I have conquered every single major scoring milestone at various stages of my life. I have broken 100, 90, 80, and even 70. I have competed in U.S. Open Qualifiers, college tournaments, and various other amateur events. Currently, I play between a 0-2 handicap, so I know what it takes to get to the highest level of golf.
Show Notes:

Show Notes
Practical-Golf Website

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