GMSL #4: Discussing Equipment with Tyler Sullivan of Bomb Tech Golf

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The golf industry is as competitive and cut-throat as any other. Products are designed, built and marketed on new technologies every 3-6 months. This makes product life cycles short and keeps demand high. Manufacturers know that consumers are always looking to get an edge on the competition and in many instances, golfers are willing to spend whatever necessary to gain as little as 5-yards of distance and or accuracy. With manufacturers spending millions of dollars on R&D and marketing it becomes increasingly difficult to bring a golf product to the market that is superior to the likes of Callaway, Taylor Made and Titleist. It’s as difficult and expensive to build brand awareness for a good product, no matter what industry your in.

If your an golfer slash inventor or entrepreneur who plans to enter the competitive boxing ring of equipment manufacturers, you know the daunting task that lies ahead. In fact, I have seen several dozen niche equipment companies come and go in my 30 plus years in the golf industry. However, I’ve had my finger on one such small equipment company now for a couple years. That company is Bomb Tech Golf and founder Tyler Sullivan has been killing it on social media. So a couple weeks ago, I decided to investigate a little further into what Bomb Tech Golf was doing and what the consumers were saying. It turns out, Bomb Tech Golf isn’t your average neighborhood clubmaker. In fact, their sales are soaring and their shipping clubs all over the world. The customer testimonials are convincingly positive and product reviews prove the products are legitimate. Golf legend Chi Chi Rodriguez is even using the Bomb Tech Golf Grenade Driver, fairway woods and hybrids.

Being golf the equipment aficionado that I am, I was curious to learn more about the products and hear the Bomb Tech Golf story so I decided to call. After I found the company number on their website, I dialed the number and sure enough, the owner Tyler picks up the phone and spends nearly an hour with me. That is when I discovered Tyler’s passion for golf, specifically equipment. He is a genuine guy and is truly passionate about helping golfers. If you ever call, you will likely talk to the man who does the R&D, clubfitting, clubmaking, customer service, sales and shipping. Yes, he does it all and he knows his stuff. I believe that is part of why they are successful and will continue to ascend.

In this podcast episode Tyler and I talk about the Bomb Tech Golf story and why he started the company. He talks about his relationship with Chi Chi Rodriguez and his input on the new equipment, the R&D process, club fitting and their grenade driver, fairway metal and hybrids.

About Bomb Tech Golf (from the company)

My name is Tyler Sullivan and friends call me Sully, that includes you! BombTech golf is a family run business and all of our golf clubs are assembled in Vermont. I founded the company in 2011 after personal frustrations with a local club builder. After my 7th broken driver in 2 months. I threw my hands in the air and said that is enough. At the exact moment I started custom building golf clubs and more specifically drivers.

I first starting building custom golf drivers with a variety of component companies. Through this process I again became frustrated with quality and performance. Although it was a long process, I did find a production process that would give us an advantage.  The 2 piece production process with plasma weld offers tighter tolernaces for COR (rebound effect), center of gravity, weight and loft.

Click here for the company website. Product review coming soon.

Thanks for tuning in.

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