Club Glove Caddy Microfiber Towel – Product Review

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Club Glove Golf Towel

How many of you get excited about a new golf towel. Answer, none of you. If you have obsessive, compulsive, disorder (O.C.D.) like me, you clean your clubs after every shot and after every practice session.  So for my game it’s essential and simple to keep an old towel from the linen closet draped in between the clubs. The only problem with that is I always seem to lose it because it’s not attached.  The real problem is, I could never find a big golf towel at the local big box store or online that didn’t have a massive, gaudy logo. Rather, I wanted something similar to what I had just plain and that stayed connected to my bag. Fortunately is an item on the market that fits my criteria for a great all around accessory.

Description from the Company – Demanded by Tour players and their caddies, these premium pro-tour size microfiber golf towels exceed professional Tour standards and outperform any other towel in golf. Includes free matching “greenside” pocket towel. These premium towels are gentle enough to be used to clean and polish glasses, plastic, chrome and other delicate surfaces without scratching. Hand or machine wash in cold water with mild detergent.

  • Pro Tour-size 17″ x 40″ caddy towel features a large elongated center slit for fitting over club head
  • Free matching 8″ x 12″ “greenside” pocket towel
  • Waffle-textured towels are super absorbent
  • Holds 300% of its weight in water
  • Non-abrasive and virtually lint free
  • 8″ center slit easily fits over golf clubs in golf bag
  • Black trim

Warranty – This product is constructed of premium, non-abrasive microfiber strands that are super absorbent (holds 300% its weight in water) and virtually lint free. Safe enough to clean glass/plastic eyewear lenses, plastics, chrome and glass, and gentle enough to apply/remove waxes without scratching surfaces, yet durable enough to clean golf club heads with its unique waffle texture design that effectively wipes dirt away. ALWAYS PROPERLY CLEAN TOWEL BEFORE USING ON SCRATCHABLE SURFACES. CARE: WASH IN COLD WATER WITH MILD DETERGENT AND GENTLE WASH CYCLE. AIR DRY OR PLACE IN DRYER.

Performance – I had three practice sessions and played 54 holes with the Club Glove microfiber towel. I liked how the textured pattern of the towel and how it was able to grab the dirt from the grooves of the club face. I also found it to be non-obtrusive and elegantly looking unlike some of those big beach towels my fellow golfers use.

After my long weekend of golf I washed the towel as I wanted to see if like most comparable products it would pill, fade or fray. To my surprise and after two cycles in the washer, it came out looking just as good as new with subtle dirt stains.

Overall – I couldn’t be more satisfied with the golf towel from Club Glove. Not only is it unique and innovative it creates a need. The towel is not bulky unlike most you retire from your linen closet.  Although the Club Glove towel holds 300% of its weight in water and unlike traditional cotton towels, it doesn’t leak or drip. The microfiber towel holds the moisture similar to a chamois which makes cleaning your club after every shot easier.

I think the greatest feature is the large elongated center slit that fits over the club head. For once I don’t have to worry about losing my towel.

For your next golf accessory purchase, make it a Club Glove microfiber caddy towel.


Performance – 10 of 10

Durability – 10 of 10

Innovation – 9 of 10

Quality – 9.5 of 10

Price – 8.5 of 10 ($19.95)

Overall – 47 of 50

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