Alignment – SKLZ Practice Pod Pro – Product Review

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Alignment is likely the most overlook and under appreciated fundamentals in golf. Often times while playing a round of golf, we feel directionally challenged. When shots consistently veer off target, we as golfers have a tendency to adjust our fundamentals, our swing and too often find yourself compensating one shot after another.

The diagnosis is simple. It’s generally alignment. Because most players, including single digit handicap golfers don’t practice alignment on the range, it’s difficult to take good alignment to the golf course.  Second, if you don’t practice alignment, your not going to feel confident over the ball. This uncomfortable feeling leads to adjustments and you don’t have to look far to find Mr. Fidgety on the driving range, shuffling his feet, looking down the line 5 times and stands over the ball for at least three minutes. The reason why this is a problem is because the longer we stand over the ball, we allow more time for swing thoughts and doubts to cloud our concentration and more tension builds in our muscles. Both of which are disastrous to any scorecard.

The Solution

What all golfers need is a solid pre-swing routine. Practicing a good pre-swing routine provides good alignment in the shoulders, hips and stance. If you were standing on rail road tracks, your feet will be on the left track (stance line) and your clubhead we be on or just inside the right track (ball flight line). Essentially, your body is parallel left. Although it may appear to be an optical illusion, your body will be slightly left of the target line (ball flight line).

Watch this video to learn more about how to practice good alignment and how the SKLZ practice pod pro alignment guide can help you fire at more pins for lower scores.

Product Description

The multi-use SKLZ Practice POD-PRO aids in body position, orientation and direction of your golf swing. The three-rod system helps you learn to set up squarely, as well as hit draws and fades. The included shoulder alignment mirror helps you self-monitor proper shoulder positioning.


Simplicity – 9 of 10 – Easy even for beginner and this will benefit everyone.

Innovation – 7 of 10 – Not cutting edge, still better than alignment sticks.

Effectiveness – 9 of 10 – After a practice session you will see results.

Quality – 8 of 10 – This product is durable.

Value – 9 of 10 – Great overall rating and very good price point.

Total = 42 of 50 

Final Thoughts

I cant stress enough how important alignment is and even for the best players. If this is your fault, it can be an easy fix with the use of some alignment sticks or the SKLZ Practice POD-PRO
this training aid is a better investment. The ability to adjust the guide to encourage an outside or inside takeaway is nice and the mirror is an added to bonus to ensure your shoulders are square at address. Overall, this alignment guide is simple, inexpensive, durable, and easily transportable.

For best results, it helps to use a mirror or have a second (trained) set of eyes to ensure you are aligned correctly.

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