AB Golf Designs – Collegiate Driver Cover Review

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Club Covers with a personality – AB GolfDesigns Product Review

You need something to protect your golf clubs when you play and travel. Do you really want to use those plain, boring covers that come with the clubs? Probably not. Your golf club covers say a lot about who you are. If you’re a proud Wisconsin Badgers fan like I am, you likely own a couple of Wisconsin Red t-shirts and maybe a hat. So why not support your team with a novelty or collegiate head cover from AB Designs.

  • Bucky Golf Club Cover by AB Golf DesignsBucky Badger Golf Club Head Cover by AB Golf Designs

The market leader for attention-grabbing specialty headcovers and accessories, AB Golf Designs offers a wide selection of premium-quality products at affordable prices, including high-quality collections in the novelty, animal, bling and charity categories.

Originally founded in 2004 as Butthead Covers and focused exclusively on the namesake product line, the company changed ownership in 2009, expanded its collections and chose the AB moniker

Ranging from whimsical to traditional, the company’s distinctive looks are fixtures in the bags of scores of discerning professionals, such as LPGA Tour stars Christina Kim and Yani Tseng.

Distributed at better golf retailers in North America, on the company website, via amazon.com and through distributor agreements in the U.K., EU and Asia-Pacific regions, AB’s high-quality plush headcovers include specific collections in the corporate, novelty, animal, bling, throwback and charity categories.

Among the highlights – an eco-friendly Throwback Collection (constructed from recycled plastic bottles), a Pink Ribbon cover benefitting breast cancer charity, an appetizing cheeseburger, the Bling-tini for golfers in a celebratory mood and patriotic boxing gloves showcasing the American, English or Australian flag.

These new offerings compliment the fun-filled “Butthead” line. Its bottoms-up theme – ever-popular with men and women around the globe – is expressed across a wide range of creatures, from fish to tigers to babies to kilted golfers and far beyond.

Recent high-profile projects include a rock hopper penguin wearing shades for Allianz Insurance, a bottoms-up peacock for NBC, “Bucky Badger” the University of Wisconsin-Madison mascot and a French fry box for McDonalds that was so popular a non-logo version is now part of the main AB product line.

This particular cover looks hand stuffed and stitched to perfection like an expensive doll. The attention to detail goes beyond some of the typical two-tone, silk screened novelty head covers. This Bucky look no different than the Bucky mascot you see roaming the sidelines at badger football games. The cover stands about eight inches tall wearing red and white stripped shirt with a one inch Wisconsin “W” on his chest. He is made from a thick polyester fabric and has a long fiver inch red sock to protect your graphite shaft. This Bucky was tested on several types of driver head, shapes and sizes. Our testing found that the cover fit snug and did not fall out of the bag or fly off during practice swings. The cover looks tough and durable and from the past four months of testing, I can assure you he won’t fray or fade. Although $28.00 might be a little steep for a head cover, the quality does match the price and it makes for a great conversation piece.

Results ====

Quality – 10 of 10

Price – 9 of 10

Protection – 10 of 10

Innovation – 8 of 10

Looks – 10 of 10


Overall – 47 of 50


MSRP – $28.00

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