GMSL #7: The 30 Most Annoying Behaviors Exhibited On The Golf Course

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Biggest Golf Pet Peeves

We’re going do something a little more that hopefully you’ll get a good laugh from.

I’ve made a list of 30 golf pet peeves or annoying behaviors exhibited on the golf course that nobody likes. You know that one guy who always does that one annoying thing that just bothers you and everyone else you play with. I’m going to share with you 30 of most common on-course pet peeves that most golfers absolutely despise. Most of these behaviors and habits you’ve seen on the golf course all too often.

  1. Don’t be the “Where’s the beverage cart?” guy.
  2. The “Let me count up my strokes” guy.
  3. The loud “Cellphone talker” guy
  4. The what club did you hit “Takes 3 clubs to the tee box” guy
  5. The “guy who hits on the beverage cart girl”
  6. Self-proclaimed driving range wanna be golf pro guy
  7. The guy who doesn’t abide by the cart path only rule
  8. Mr. too cool to repair his ball marks on the green.
  9. Mr. I use my GPS for every shot even when I’m 50 yards out.
  10. Mr. I hit balls off the property intentionally.
  11. Mr. 5-some or Mr. 6-some when you think the course isn’t busy
  12. Random Rogue Excuse Maker Guy – We’ve all heard it:
    • I wonder if because the practice greens were slower if that’s screwing me up.
    • Maybe I shouldn’t have taken that lesson yesterday
    • I know I shouldn’t have worked out this morning
    • You know, I never play well when it’s windy
    • If they didn’t aerate last week, maybe I could make a putt
    • If my wife could just get off my back and stop texting me
    • I don’t know why the rough grass has to be so long.
    • I’m too hungry to think about playing golf
    • We’ll I’ve never played here before
    • My GPS wasn’t working right
    • I was in a hurry
    • My back is really hurting today, I think I tweaked it moving stuff in the garage #classic
    • I didn’t have time to practice or warm up
    • This guy is related to
  13. Guy who unstraps his buddies golf bag from the bag of the cart
  14. The borrower guy
    • Do you mind if I try your new driver here…………Yeah so you can put a sky mark on it?
    • Do you have a ball to spare? Seriously?
    • Subcategory – Mr. I don’t have a tee guy
  15. The shadow guy
  16. The lie fluffer guy
  17. Untrustworthy score keeper guy
  18. Mood swing guy
  19. Mood Swing Guy may also be known as Mr. Crotchety Golfer Guy
  20. Happy Gilmore guy
  21. Golf Tips Guru
  22. Golf Equipment Comment aficionado guy
  23. Sandbagger Guy
  24. Oblivious Guy
    • He doesn’t know it but he’s narcissistic. He often says things like:
    • I didn’t see you over there
    • But I didn’t think you were ready
    • Asking “So what do you think of my swing”
    • Do you think I should get that new “Callaway driver?”
    • Do you like this new golf outfit I bought
  25. Golf Ball Collector Guy
  26. Clueless Golf Dad
  27. Overactive bladder guy
  28. The Rule Nazi
  29. The Jim Nantz of the 4-some
  30. 10 Practice Swings guy


  1. I stand over the ball for 30 seconds before I hit it. (a.k.a. Mr. 15 waggles)
  2. Long Drive Competition Want to Be Guy

I should note that I may have missed a few stereotypical golfers out there. If you feel I did, comment below and tell me who I missed and leave a short note about that experience. I’d love to hear it.


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