My Book


Coming May 2017! Stay tuned for more details.

King of The Mental Swing eBook

I am excited to announce the launch of my first book, King of The Mental Swing. This is not your prototypical golf book.  King of The Mental Swing is a new take on how to play better golf and how to be the King of your mental domain. This is the only Do It Yourself version of golf psychology. In this eBook I’ll teach you how to play better and confident golf and all without buying new equipment or taking more golf lessons.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Definition of a mental golf swing and why its important
  • Why being the King of Your Mental Swing is a critical component in taking your game to the next level
  • Course management strategies
  • Over 100 quips, quotes, affirmations and anecdotes to help you plan an inspired golf
  • Homework assignments and drills
  • A blueprint to help you build an individualized recipe for a better brand of golf
  • My top 10 categories you’ll need to improve at for an improved mental swing

Available on the iTunes and Amazon in eBook format starting 5/31/17.

What to learn more about the mental golf swing?

Take a listen to my interview on The Defining Success Podcast with Zeb Welborn.

In this podcast I teach Zeb and his listeners what it takes to be King of Your Mental domain and my new book King of The Mental Swing.